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11 July 2009

Come Outside

August. What a lovely time of the year. Why not gather up a Tiny Army and go to... mmm... The WestCoast? Which One? Let's say the American one! Seems like it's happening.

There will be two of us. Two Tinies, two guitars. If any any any player wants to join our little journey playing some drums, bass, whatever, just write me HERE.

Of course we're still planning the tour and shaking hands with venue's owners (thanks Dan!). But hey... there we're coming! Goodmoring Seattle, Buongiorno Portland!

Hope we'll have fun! Stay in touch with the latest social http://tiny.sm/tinyus ... and work hard on having fun!

Here's also a tiny pack with a bio and some songs for those American fan who are still not our fan

For now... Cheerio!

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