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30 June 2007

Beach-Volley Fields Forever

Quite few years ago, when I was a couple, one morning I woke up, I turned the keyboard on, and played the choir of a song to the fashinating girl, still underneath the blankets. I just woke up with that score on my mind, as if I had listened to that melody on a radio for hours. Notes where still buzzin' on my brain.

"Nice. What's that?", she asked me
"I just wrote it. It's by Lenny Kravitz"

Telling the truth I'm now coninced that the melody is all mine, but for quite a period I wasn't sure if the melody of the choir was really mine or not. I guess that I just probably imagined dear Lenny singing in a dream.

I kept on playing that melody again and again in years each time I had a piano to play on. Anywhere. Don't know why. I guess they I was just very pleased to move my fingers on the keyboard on that chords.

So it happend that the chours began to have parts and grow up as a proper song, in a direction more close to Costello than Lenny.

Still the melody hadn't words... till today! The inspiration of the song come from my disappoinmente seing beach-volley fields replacing free areas on the seaside. It was so that the name "Beach-Volley Field Forever" blazed on my mind like a giant flash.

The song is divided in two parts. In the first one we're facing the delusion of finding the place we used to love ruin and changed, while in the second the same sad feeling is referred to a bad love affair.

I'm not sure about this comment and its grammar, since I'm quite tired and drunk and ate a lot (and it's only 03.40 in the afternoon), but I'll leave you anyway with this first demo along with lyrics...

"beach-volley fields forever - rough demo 01"

"It's funny you know

It's changing my soul
once over

we're closer
Still messed by the flight
No time for goodbyes
come over
we're closer
The sun in the sky
will shine in your eyes
as strand will warm your hands
a rain of glint and grain

But the place that I knew
has changed as well
as I can't believe

that sight it's true

Down on my knees

Here I'm begging you please
bring me back what is due
for I feel myself screwed
All I can see
Fucking beac-volley fields
and the place where I grew
now got ruined by youth

It's funny no more
you cheated my soul
it's over
my lover
still messed by the fight
it's time for goodbyes
move out there
I told her

The sun in the sky
Will shine out of sight
as hold will loose my hands
and rain will wash her blaim

But the girl that I knew
was changed as well
and I can't retrieve
the faith once so pure

Down on my knees..."

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