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3 July 2011

Shooting With The Welsh Girl

Not that I planned to become a multimillionaire or diving into a 7-up swimming pool (alight! I still dream about it and I'm working on it), but everything I wanted from Summer2011 turned out to be an epic fail. No American Tour, no Indietracks, no epic romance with a famous rockstar, niet. Loneliest summer ever since 2009 (you see! That's what's Indietracks stands for!).

That's why me and some friends of mine - like those cats and dogs abandoned along the highway when it's hot outside and everybody's having fun - decided to join forces and gather around on the possibly indiest project in town: Plato's Summer Stars.

That's it: basically a summer diary for musicians where we'll keep tracks of our summer days and post a song on our experiences from time to time, from the happy relieve given by a fucking good watermelon to the blondie that planted a rotten knife right into our heart on the last summer gig being not even aware of it.

That's right. It's all in our little Plato's Cave. This project was all we needed to get rid of some trash and get some space, so we'll have an excuse to invite you all to dance in it in winter and stars will have something to talk about while hanging in their summer skies.

NYC based John Montalto from The Significant Others give the project a kick with his amazing Lady Sky.

Today I wrote my first summer diary song with Shooting With The Welsh Girl.


Shooting With The Welsh Girl by tinytide

26 March 2011

Little Soul Rock

My intention was to try to make a jpop song as a tribute for my Japanese friends hit by so many terrible things in so little time, but somehow seems like I ended to write my first Paul Simon song. Anyway, here's my song. I really needed to express my feelings on what happened so far away over the sea. It could happen to you as well, and it wouldn't be right. Anyway, anyhow, anywhere. Let's hold on to what's precious above all in times of trouble. If Japan has a virtue has to be found in the braveness of its people... so GANBATTE KUDASAI NIHON!

Little Soul Rock by tinytide


"Little soul
Hangin' on the town
Little soul
Look at what we've lost
So many things we've lost are gone
And now I need to be alone
With the one I love
The one who's singing
Little soul words
Need to listen close
To your heart beat
fast and loud

Little Soul Rock

Little Soul
We cracked the core
Little Soul
Reach the very source
Our safety is planted in the trash
Is getting daily deemed at last
Let the Motown stars
Show up in droves
With lil' soul claps
And then collapse
to their best sound
Anything loud"

I Demoni

Back from Roma Pop Festival we were really excited to see a nice little band from Rome called "I Demoni", just when everyone else's attention was set on "Virginiana Miller" on the other stage.

We were so delighted by their show what we soon decided that our mission was to become a I Demoni cover band.

So here we are now, with a cover of one of their tracks called "666 Molto OK". Go and say hi to their site.

666 Very Ill ("666 Molto OK" I Demoni Cover) by tinytide on SoundCloud by tinytide

21 March 2011

Real Life

Back from Rome. I spent 3 days with a couple of friends and loads of pop (we were there for Roma Pop Fest indeed). It was fun. Three days doin' nothing but walkin', drinking', eatin and listening and dancing to fine music.

Last day, when I woke up in the hotel, I had TWO strange dreams. Before waking up, a radio in my dreams was broadcasting this "parallel universe" Verve song. I tried to rush a first acoustic version just to remember it, since my real goal now is to record at least a cover from I Demoni, a band we saw at the Festival that really made our days! (now I'm a superfan!)

Guess you'll have to wait for that anyway. My Alesis Soundcard hit the floor for the third time and seems like it finally managed to crash :(

So enjoy this demo by now. Sayonara.

Real Life (First Acoustic Demo) by tinytide


"So here I was
here I was
running up those stairs to get the highest floor
I was there
I saw the light
'was about to knock but doubts came in my mind

Was that I
To get by
I am so sure
I didn't realized

Mama was gone
Papa's gone too
no one is left inside to call to
open up the door and let me cross the line

is the realtime
this is the real time
the real life
the real
after life

So here it was
about time
fun was nearly over so we said goodbye
we had our days
all a lie
as we foundthat nothing really has passed by
So we hanged out
reaching homes
and the radio never stopped to play that silly song

Richard is gone
Nick has gone too
drugs didn't work so I'm resting too
Running up that green to reach the blue"

13 March 2011

Blinded By The Pop Stars (and other songs)

Blinded By The Pop Stars by tinytide

When it became quite clear I was about to make a whole album from "impossible love songs", a DJ friend of mine named Kaypea accused me to be "blinded by the pop stars". And of course she was terribly right, but the very moment she said that instead of having any psychological reaction I went like:"Hey! That's a marvellous title for a pop song!". And so her we are, with this little Smitthesque tribute filled with Jennifer Lewis and Karen O.

This post reminded me that while I'm proceeding to record vocals in a real studio, I've also spent time carrying on other two songs meant to be some sort of duets with two almost acclaimed indie pop girls. That's the chance to post the lyrics in case I forget how they goes!

One song is about an Italian adventurer and hero from 1800 called Garibaldi meeting the Indonesian equivalent of Cinderella, while the other is about me writing short stories about Nina Persson from Cardigans (I really did!).

Songs are still "Under Construction", still you can try to imagine how they will sounds like with a little help from the lyrics.


Little princess Natalie
in psychological waars
got to win your Globe Awaards
helping me is the role

Scarlett Scarlett sing along
you got to whisper that horse
he's a fool in a ghost world
you're not meant for him at all

Jennifer suggests
I won't live without her
as I'm modeling worlds I will forget no more

MIlla can't you see
THere's nothing left to fear
though I can't tell you're real
or real fantasy, because...

I was blinded by the pop stars
Baby I was blinded by the pop stars
And I'm burning my eyes
setting my thoughts on fire
selling my world to the franchise

blinded by the pop stars
Baby I was blinded by the pop stars
it's so hard to resist
when I look at the screen
electromagnetic cute sights

and there is a girl that never goes out....

Karen left me with an Oh
turning me into some strange playboy
but it's mia who won my soul
with her unsual joy

Jenny Lewis is having fun
she's available now
Neko just won't let me down
as long as she is around

Fiona loves and hates
I can't live without her
as she tells her friends
I'm one of her casual guests

Pin-up Sammy Fox
can't touch you without pop
a bubble framed my heart
I know it's about to blast

and there is a girl that never goes out....
that will never never never cross my path downtown

and there is a girl that never goes out....
and I'll never never never see her leave that house

* * *


Not a patriot revolution
just a way to show the world
freedom was a resolution
to get close to his real love
He was told that fame and glory
were awaiting in seaports
but he couldn't stop from wondering
on a home to call his own

But I hope
that you'll come
They say France is thorned by war
and a life
by the sea
won't deny this chance to me

Gary! Garybaldi
he was wounded at the heart
for she had him still so damn fast
he just couldn't stop her dart
She was swinging by a sweet swing
she was singing silly songs
When the man came on to see her
had a look and turned to a stone

Garibaldi cought a gold fish
he was swimming in the sea
and the fish he fished was talking
for he once was a real king
He told:"Gary go to Java
there's a princess you must save"
So the merchand marine captain
Took an oath to save his dreams

But I hope
You won't sleep
I'm so far from Italy
hurry up
dance with me
don't deny this chance to me

Gary! Garybaldi
he was wounded at the heart
for she had him still so damn fast
he just couldn't stop her dart
She was swinging by a sweet swing
she was singing silly songs
When the man came on to see her
had a look and turned to a stone

* * *


Lying in bed I keep thinking of you
you drove me mad it's so true
Since we got through on a carnival cruise
I spend my days with no clue

Nobody cared when I entered the room
It was a cold afternoon
ready to play on the smallest venue
Nobody came... but you

And you were just oversight
fancy dream to come alive
stuck in a trip between lines

Writing short stories 'bout Nina
Writing love stories 'bout you
Meeting my dear ballerina
Trying so hard to catch you

And I'm so very super blue
don't turn off your Abajour

Writing sweet stories 'bout Nina
Inking more pages on you
faking a place I could meet her
Fool's paradise coming true

Leading a band must be hard in the end
struggling with fans and the press
I hope someday you could get your revenge
you can hang on here'till then

It was a blast when the last light went off
rocking the cheap stage for sure
Your dreamy eyes set on me, eagerly
no secret you couldn't read

And I am dust in your mind
Lazy boy get a life
You Shouldn't waste all this time...

Writing short stories 'bout Nina
Writing love stories 'bout you
Meeting my dear ballerina
Trying so hard to catch you

Writing short stories 'bout Nina
Writing love stories 'bout you
Meeting my dear ballerina
Trying so hard to catch you

When it's clearly a stupid lie
A bad fiction for juveniles
inner spaces that won't be mine
throwing shadows on my blue eyes
Come grow up
please wake up

5 March 2011

Fuori dai Buoi :)

Che soddisfazione. Dopo la strepitosa recensione su Sentireascoltare ecco anche Enrico Veronese che recensisce il nostro disco "Febrero" sulle pagine di Blow Up, una rivista musicale che è sempre stata un punto di riferimento per tante "scoperte indipendenti". Un onore essere propro lì in mezzo ai "Joy Formidable" (che straadoro, e si sono beccati solo un sei) e il rocker italiano Umberto Palazzo.

"Quella di Mark Zonda e di KinGem Records è una piccola bella storia che dalla provincia romagnola entra in contatto con gli angoli del mondo indiepop, partecipa a compilation e cover, inizia a produrre, chiede featuring e si fa arrangiare. "Febrero" accumula le versioni più piene del pluriennale lavoro dietro Tiny Tide, perfezioista e filologico nello scegliere come tutelari Bowie e McCartney, Smiths e Cure, l'ndiepop svedese e quello giapponese mutato dai nostri anni Ottanta: c'è da dire che vestite di abiti più corposi e migliorato anche l'apporto vocale, le canzoni vengono esaltate nell'artigianato delle armonie, onesto e cristallino, capace di buttarsi a mare per il r'n'r vitaminico di Ginger Genie o riavere la rotta durante Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me. Fatti salvi pochi riempitivi, il livello è in ascesa e quasi mai banale, di questi tempi non è poco." Enrico Veronese.

3 March 2011

Emilia Come Back :)

This song hasn't been properly released yet (Jonny Lee Hart, playing guitar and bass on dat) and "Come Along Pond" has already been share on two podcast! Well dun Pond! :)

Follow those links dear Tiny companions :)

Enjoy :)

2 March 2011

Think 'bout Yuka

've always been fond on Yuka Honda, the cute clever half behind Cibo Matto. I knew that band thanks to a magazine review, back in 1995, when Internet was quite out of hands for the times. At least in Italy. But it was only in 1996 I got the chance to find the band first album in Dublin. It was gold. Since they made me noticed that Wiki wants a collection of songs to last at least 35 minutes to be called an album, I choose the chanteuse as final muse for my "impossible love songs" collection, mixing lyrics with memories of those days in Dublin. Any reference to the number stations enigma is a mere conspiracy against pop music.

Thinking 'Bout Yuka by tinytide

It wasn't meant to be you
It just wasn't meant to be you
The bus had stop and you got on,
we drove and we got lost

You rose your thumb

Then pinky came
and it was clear

You wanted me to come

I guess there's something more

And now she's asking me
why I'm so late and didn't call

I was thinking 'bout Yuka

(You can never really tell what happens after that)
I was thinking 'bout Yuka
(You can trust your feelings, nothing matters in your head)
I was thinkig 'bout Yuka
(You call for another drink, she's blending with your hand)
Thinking 'bout Yuka

Thinking 'bout Yuka
Thinking 'bout Yuka
Thinking 'bout

Double Virgin' Megashore was meant to be the stage
Acting other lovers lines from long forgotten days
"don't know what I'm doin sweetheart, but I'll never stop"
Music be the food of love... play on

You were talking 'bout Mika
(Can't you really tell that now it's happening the same)

You were talking 'bout Mika

(c'mon close the door, forget about your past)
You were talking 'bout Mika
(caravan get goin', no need to be left)

Hand some na kanajo shojo marmalade joy ribbon merging out paths shame blame ash in your tray test rest so young at heart love fast you're mine at last gone"

27 February 2011


Here's the new "Impossible Love Song", as my dear friend Rima from Annemarie use to call'em. It's called "Hatherley", and I partially felt the urge to write and play it because of some mixed feeling crossin' my mind these days. Clearly dealing with a pretty girl, looking really a lot like her in one of her pics. And because - yesss - "Charlotte Hatherley" it's so much more than a pretty face and seeing my musical hero playing in Glasgow a year ago was really something to be. And didn't all the unrequited love stories start in that city? Enough. Guess this one will take the place of "Febraury" in the next album. Meanwhile I'm leaving you with the lyrics awaiting for some feedback. Buona settimana!

Hatherley by tinytide

Written by Mark Zonda
Double-Checked by A Nice Person

"Glasgow the first time that we met
Blue eyes I surely won't forget
You popped in staring at the crowd
And Oh, My, there was no doubt...

You You You
I was looking at you you you
I was looking at you you you
I was looking at you
I was paralysed
You You You
I was looking at you you you
I was looking at you you you
I was looking at you and your uniform
So far so cool
You had to knew
My mind is gone
Head for the Moon

I'm really through
I'm really through

When did we start to talk and comment every clips and the cryptic note
places we both craved to go
spending our time to check updates in any post like counting ghosts
being there at any cost

I was afraid to violate
your perfect smile, your state of grace

A year has gone and I forgot
how does it feels to get in touch
And since La Sera evening show
All I was looking for

't was you you you
I was looking at you you you
I was looking at you
just close your eyes
You So far so Cool
you you you
I was looking through you you you
I was looking at you, and my stupid look
You had to knew
My mind is gone
Head for the Moon
I'm really through
So clear to see
Come dance with me
Come dance with me


24 February 2011


"Zonda è un entusiasta, innamorato della musica indipendente e di tutte le sue premesse, che si 81 chiamino David Bowie o Left Banke, Primal Scream o Ash, Beatles o Elliott Smith. Malgrado uno sforzo maggiore in fase di produzione tanto che si è spinto a coinvolgere band come gli svedesi Stars in Coma, i britannici Brigadier e lo statunitense Anthony Rochester - la dimensione lo-fi è il timbro predominante, come una patina sulla pelle del suono e una cartilagine che frastorna le strutture."

La recensione di Stefano Solventi prosgue qui su SentireAscoltare.