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18 November 2007

Go Ego Drums

[ Pictures Here]

Today we've been on a hill. The Fulls on the hill, I'd say. First "The Ronta EP" session. We started with drums at "Capannone Records". Francesco Minotti was the man, and was in charge of setting up sounds, mics and taking care of the recording. He was great! Of course Joe The Drummer too!

We started in the cold f*cking morning with "Girlfriend". There's not a soul non Sorrivoli (actually the name of the little town on the hill), and playing on that location, with cheap wood covering the walls of the studio, made me think at the band as if we were on the "A Kind Of Magic" documentary with Tiny Tides instead of Queen. Strange, isn't it? I mean... I've got no mustaches!

Porlock knew any name of the nearby towns by having had a dinner on a restourant on each of them. So we had no problem having a break from the sessions after having recorded drums for "Grilfriend" and finding a place for our little lunch.

Tagliatelle al rag├╣, ravioli alle melanzane... and a lot of red red wine!

Francesco wasn't too much surprised by finding another band having their way back to the studio more than half an hour late. As so it was that the next track was a winy blast.

Are you a tiny fan? Guess which was the next recorded track...



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