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20 January 2008

Total Groupie

Hello everyone. Few words and chitty chats from Mark.

First of all: Today I composed a song called "Total Groupie", to celebrare a spanish indie groupies clan called "Groupies Totales".

Part of the composition is also inspired by the notorious movie "Almost Famous"

The part "The sound of the band / guided by your hand" is referred to Cisco, the formally bass plater of "Sunday Morning" and now drummer for "Tiger Tiger" (among the others) directing "We're From Barcelona" in their rehearsals at Hana-Bi in summer 2007

Here's the Acoustic Version (I think it's a little bit of Pulp, a littel bit of Suede, with a spice of Bowie and Costello) and the Complete Demo

And there's another clue for you all. Unsure if change or not many parts of the lyrics (that I didn't like) I picked up the mobile to call Gec from The Clever Square, asking for help. Gec later replied that the lyrics were alright, though he would have changed some chords. The replay came too late... and the demo was complete, leaving in ghost of a possible future collaboration in the air.

Secon one. Tiny Tide The Band are practicing hard with a brand new crew. We still got good Manuel at bass slash violin, altough he is very ill these days, and we got some new interesting new entries.

Mic Starr on drums: the result of a wrong teletransportation of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, very stilish, mody and britty

Nicolas on keboards: an angel probably fallen directly on a can of rum. He's probably the indiest member of the band. Is stilye is very psychedelic and 70s. He's the only person I've met who can actually do two solos in a keyboard at the same time in perfecet sync

Easterman, or Dendrix at the second guitar: HE IS THE MAN. He can handle any guitar tecnicque and he's very skilled. We're a good guitar team!

Here's to you a little clue: he's got the SAME guitar I sold for Chuck. Can you Imagine how could it could have been having two guys in a band playing a pale cream Fender? Dendrix sais that he would has sold his :D

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