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16 March 2008

What's cookin'?

Hi Hi from Tiny Tide! We're practicing hard to show 2 new live song on our next gig at Officina 49.

As for me I'm feeling fine and still composing demos for our next next album "Februero"

Here whe are with "Scrambled Eggs", another clear reference on the Beatles world.

The melody of the song is more than 10 years old.

It was winter. I was quite depressed, but I suddendly saw such a beautiful girl (oh yes! she was from Ronta indeed) on a shop. I had a little conversation with this delicious smiling lady, with very big manga eyes, and I got back home happy as I could be for having found some wormth on that cold winter.

That's how I wrote "Three Minute Sun".

It was a shame not having evene a lo-fi mono taped recording of that song... and not giving a little chance to this nice bealtesque melody would have been such a shame... so here it is! I changed few words, added the second verse and the finale, and we've got a brand new song heavely influenced by Lennon, Brett Anderson and MGMT!

The rest is up to your feedback.

It goes like this...

It’s a beautiful day
Such a beautiful day
It’s strange to see sunshine in winter

I was cooking scrambled eggs
Still not aware
of your underwear

You smile at me
as I switch my tv
Milky is on his way to you and me
’com warm it up
it’s time to rise and shine
still I can’t believe that we caught up

But you are there
and you are the sun
And I’m glad to see you’re fine
You’re so beautiful
and ’cause you are the sun
won’t you turn this weight to light

And I can’t stop myself
I can’t shut my mouth
things flowing out
just to seek out
a way to spring
a way to fry your soul
coffe, you and me in my mind

but you are there
and you are the sun
and I’m glad to know you’re mine
You’re so beautiful and you are the sun
So why does its sounds so
So why does its sounds
So why does its sounds so
So why does its sounds so sad

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs


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