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13 April 2008

Road to Fairies

This song ("Road to fairies")had a strange genesis. The first take of that one goes through the story of a guy (me) trying practicing his fingertips arpeggio in his old Fender guitar. Three chords, and a lie. I suppose. It all started as a very genuine experiment with some cantato on it. Coincidence coincidence I was having my first worldwide contacts with MySpace people and musicians. That was two years ago. One of them was Clinton Charlton. Clin had a listen to that song, and offered himself to carry it on. The reply never came. Nowadays Wildheart, who already worked on "Needful Things" and "February", was able to surprise me again! Wild is trying to work on a very peculiar album called "Noizes", and I'm sure similar version of those songs will appear on that titanic project too.

He arranged the rest of the song, and gave the work a marvellous second instrumental part making the song so similar to the work of George Martin on "Eleanor Rigby / Eleanor Dream" on "Give my regards to broad street". Bravo Wildheart!

As in "February", again, Simona Rovida was so kind to appear in the song too, bringing a special touch to the sound of the whole thing.

When I wrote the song I was so into "MyMorning Jacket" songs. The voice of the singer was very inspirational for me. I also was into the reading of some Lester Bangs powder reviews, and I got impressed by the descripiton o Van Morrison singing on "Astral Weeks". So that's what it is. All you're asked to to now is take your place, sit back, and listen to the song. Possibily giving us some impressions and feedback on it.

Now that you know the story, maybe you'll get interested on the lyrics too. Here they are

"There was a Road
that lead nowhere
we used to walk
when you were fair
But the road
Now is gone
and the girl - oh! - she's lost

won't come, no more

That rescue call

that never came f
ound her place

but she was gone
hold the boy from cheasing ghosts
I'm coming home"

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