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24 May 2008

Silver Star

As I'm writing to you it's quite late in the morning, I have to dress up, clean from the smoke of the Covo, try not to live in te memories of a great Envelopes gig during the night before (oh yes, I've seen the rising dancing).

You have to know that I've written dozens of songs yet before the Tiny TIde project. They're mainly recorded with an acoustic guitar only from the 93/94 era and for the first solo demo-album called "Feel The Blank" (you can check its site here).

I frequently watch at the best of these songs as a secure safe where to turn when in need of quick songs. I already played "Heaven" (from the 2002 ep "Heaven") once before, now it's the time of another song from the same period.

It was meant to be a Worldwide love declaration to my ex-girlfriend. Feeling like singing her name outloud hundreds of times was not so allright anymore, but in need of a song for a would-be-ep and considering it was a shame to quit and forget such a nice song, I turned back to the melody and wrote the lyrics back to the start.

Here's the result. Hope you like it. It's should be a little less silly than before.


You don't stand a single chance
chasing the crime
crossing the line
I don't need somebody else
Wasting my time
head in the sky
I don't care for something else
I've got
My Silver Star

Life sometime can be wrong
days sometime could be so unfair
nights would not be the same
without my silver star

I won't step away from there
if you're heart is close
and can't buy me love
I'll get rid of cache and fame
Saving some space
old cells and safe
I don't fear for black hat gangs
I've got
My Silver Star

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