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3 July 2009

Narrative Between Gigs

From SleepWalKing Magazine....

This is Mark Zonda reporting on his band, dears. Two very close gigs, but I swear that Tiny Tide will disappear beyond sun umbrellas and sand dunes of not so far Adriatic Coast beaches (don’t you trust me? You’re probably right). It was more than a simple showcase. This time we had an extensive 1 hour show (and we even cut off songs) opening a new sweet place in Cesena called “Ex-Macello” (any city in Italy has got one).

I was really glad the crowd enjoyed the show, even if we didn’t practiced the old stuff since a lot (we were buisy setting up the new songs) and I misteriously lost my voice on The Smiths And The Cure”… to have it back right in minutes for Road to fairies. Unexplicable! I was also glad we had the chance to finally debut on stage with Osamushi (each instrument of mine has a name), my new Alesis Micron Synth. We played with him for Scrambled Eggs,Joanie don’t you worrieandS♥L (though maybe the latter wasn’t enough good as it deserved to be, withoud Dendrix on acoustic guitar it lost the feeling…). I’ll leave you with some moments of the show. Enjoy it and see you at some sunny beach.

Tiny Tide - “The Psychopath At The Club” (Clip)
Tiny Tide - “Ginger Genie” (Clip)
Tiny Tide - “Tiny Trains” (Clip)
Tiny Tide - “Scrambled Eggs” (Clip)
Tiny Tide - “Joanie don’t u worrie” (Clip)

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