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30 May 2010

Parallel Floors

It was a real pleasure playing at Magazzino Parallelo after the place guest our rehearsals for such a long peridod. It was even better getting to know Nothing Meets All, an exquisite bunch of musicians and well mannered human beings.

Magazzino Parallelo is a strange place, looking very close to Top Cat head quaters rather than a venue, but not so few people find themselves so comfortable in there that you can find people just hanging around quite any time of the day. It was suddenly raining when I came to the place for the soundcheck, and I found those guys relaxed and chatting under something we could easily roughly call a gazebo, making me quite confuse rather they were from the band or not.

It happen... most of them they were! Soundcheck O'Clock for us.

Mike Leffe (Oh, yes. He changed his name again) was busy setting the sound for another side project he had to play in after our show, so Alessandro, N.M.A. drummer, was so kind to play drums with me in order to adjust the right amount of noise of it all.

I planned to do a new track called "ONE" alone. Since I didn't ever play that one live, I asked Alessandro if he minded trying that one, so I would have had a chance to check if all the chords were right. Well. Alessandro never heard that song before, but the result was SO good that I asked if he would have agreed to join me on the stage to do that number.

Time passed really quickly from 07:00 PM to 10:00 PM. So quickly that I was wondering what Porlock was doin' in there when he arrived. He was in to watch the show, of course!

They say... we did great! The sound of the guitar was excellent, or at least how I like it, and was so deep that these two men managed somehow to sound like a band.

Playing alone with Mike gave me the chance to improvise a little bit more, and "Bye Bye Love" cover seems to have improved a lot! (now I've got only to learn the lyrics properly!). With Alessandro on stage we went even further on what we have tried during the evening. The jam seemed not to have an end, evolving in and out and always fading into something new. It was really cool! Hope we'll play with that band again.

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