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26 August 2010

Who knows, not me

It's been a lot since I haven't update this tiny blog :)

It's been quite a long summer vacation for me, and I felt the urge to split myself between music and the sea. Not that I managed to get that tan, but I've been writing and playing quite a lot.

While Mike Leffe is enjoying his side folk project with Fiore, I'm buisy as well working a long a girl singing in one of my favourite Italian bands :)

She made my summer, and I'm really superglad about the material we're putting together. (We already recorded 5 demos in 2 weeks leaving out 2 songs and I'm already writing a new one). Doin' a succesful he/she project had always been one of my dreams, and it's really nice writing songs for two parts à-la-brunettes. Our intention is to bring you the finest indie pop album of 2012... We already thought about the title, but we're still unsure on the name of the band... so any suggestion is really appreciated :)

Not only that. Vulpiano Records asked me to work on a new Ep. It will be a really nice surprise (I hope) as well. I've already written and recorded 4 songs out of 5, and I'm totally proud about the lyrics. Simone Cecchetti also provided me a fantastic picture for the cover. I couldn't have asked for more!

We're also out for a Kingem Records compilation for the Neo Italo Disco project called "U.N.DISCO", with a song called "Mumarcord" and a few bit of other collaborations on another couple of songs.

We also find the time for some very hot (it's summer in the Tropics) band practicing and Matt Share was so cool to shoot some videos:
Why we are practising so bad? We're trying to set up an Italian tour with The Cavalcade, still seems we're failing in finding dates. Anybody wants to adopt two indie pop bands? Check this link!

What else? Andrè Brorsson from Stars In Coma (he just released his new work for Kingem Records) he's doin' a great GENIUS job with the editing and mixing of our album Februero (he was surprising on making "The Psychopath At The Club" looking like the new Boys Keep Swinging) that we decided to finish and present - guess what - on February!

Anyway guess our third album will be ready before the first. Stay in tune! :)

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