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29 August 2007

Once Upon A Band Ago

While it's fun knowing by friends that "Girls From Ronta" keep on going through the radio (Thanks, namaste) Tiny Tide are back in a studio for some rehearsals at least. After getting lost trying to reach this new location in the dark and warm night of the countryside (literally "feeling lost in Country Churchyards"), Porlock and me finally manage to find A CAR (id est civilization) to stop and ask for a way. We look closely: it's Manuel. He got lost too!

We finally managed the studio with a little help from some midnight biker, sort-of a rural family with children at their back with their mini-bikes, proclaiming that they didn't knew any Music Studio, but they knew a place where there was a lot of noise and played songs every night. That was!

Mark, Porlock, Manuel and Joe back together. Uncertain if we're playing for girls, karma, money or just to have fun. Joe's new motto is:"BELANOOOVAAAAAAA!!!!", shouted out loud before the start of "Girlfriend", that - I must confess - kick asses.

We gave a try to "Tiny Trains" too, and it went out quite fine, thanks also to our past-practice at Mansarda Studio from me and Porlock.

Freighting moment of the night: while discussing about rights with the others I suddenly listen to the sound of a hammond-like keyboard playing a tune from the nearby studio-room. There's no doubt. It's "Tiny Train". I got blue in the face. It was Porlock checking out the instruments of our dear neighbour!

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