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21 September 2008


Argh! So many inspirations and so little time to affort what giant wave to take advantage of it! Sit!

Well. Let's start with the list of the things I wasn't able to do
1) Change template to the blog and Myspce
2) Write lyrics for... well... FIVE songs...
3) Uploading "The February Sessions" double LP
4) Going out on saturnday! :D

But at least I've managed to end this little demo. It's called...

Tiny Tide - S♥L

... and it's meant to be the first song for the new album called "TenneT".
Oh yes. I'm writing new material for it meanwhile I'm beginning to work on the emproved versions of the selected material of what will become "Febrero" (the album) with the rest of the band.

I originally planned to take a little pause before going back to write new material, but it happened that the choir of this new songs came to me in a dream, and so I urged (just like for another song playing right now in my head) to record it in a demo before being left by its memory.

In the original dream the song was played by a not so distant radio, and it was played by "The Apples in Stereo". In the end it the demo came out to be quite "Belle&Sebastanesque". Guess it's all because of the drums, but I think that it's a good song anyway.

What's your opinion? Here comes the lyrics :)

"Lucy, you see, is fine
Lucy, loonie, be mine

I could talk but my tongue is tied
I could look but you're out of sight
I should give smooth hands but I'm playing hard

I could smile but you seem so far
I could lie but I won't back down
I shoud speak my mind but I'd spoil the sound

You told me it's over
But how's supposed to be over
How can you claim it's the end
When romance has never began

You swear that it's over
the wrong last leaf of the clover
I should stop hang where you stand
It's YOU that came in my place"

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