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15 November 2009

A New Tiny Round

LaVigna it’s not a big venue for sure, but what’s fun in playing there it’s its great acoustic, due to the fact that everything in there is surrounded by… wood! I really enjoyed playing with Tiny Tide in there, especially because sounds were great indeed and suitable for an acoustic punk act and me and the mates played at our best, with the exception of my voice, that was quite completely gone.

After a former member who lasted one month and a half in the band crawled over Cling (my acoustic guitar) after 4 rounds of sake, we were thrilled and ready to begin. The “Intro - Kitty Jesus - The Psychopath At The Club - Ginger Genie” sequence is becoming my favourite part of the show! I was really glade to show our fan the live version of “AAA”, that’s actually my favourite song to play so far. I think the best part of the show was when Manuel started to take a seat in the audience playing from their perspective and we started to imitate him, with me jumping over the chair to end the song. After we were unexpectedly called to an encore (the show was quite long) there was even an “aftershow” with the formed sake member at the drums and Dendrix going heavymetal. A sweet night to remember.

Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “Intro - Kitty Jesus - The Psychopath At The Club”
Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “The Smiths & The Cure”
Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me”
Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “A Song for EMI”

Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “AAA”
Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “Go Ego Go (Lacrosse Cover)”
Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “February”

Tiny Tide @ LaVigna 2009 - “Girls From Ronta”

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