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4 November 2009


Facebook is the drug.

Yesterday I was so surprised when a bloke replied to a thread right with "it recalls semantica". It was clearly a chinise whisper for our track The Smiths & The Cure "rings bells on semantic calls". After I pointed out that the early version of that part was "not Belle & Sebastian", I was asked why I haven't left everything to make of pop music my only occupation.

Made me glad! That's why I packed a "TS+TC anthology" just for you!

You can download it... here!

Tiny Tide - TC+TC

Here's the tracklist:

1. The Smiths & the cure (EP Version)
2. The Smiths & the cure (Stars in Coma Edit)
3. The Smiths & the cure (Acoustic 1st demo)
4. The Smiths & the cure (#9 Version)
5. Rain Rain Rain (Roxie Music Cover)

Enjoy and give us feedback!

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