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17 January 2010

Zeznatic Beach

Playing at Travolta (NRG) was A REAL pleasure. I don't know if I can talk for the others as well, but as for me it was the first time I felt we were treated like real VIP! The (very hudge and cool) venue had nothing to do with the usual garages slash dark clubs slash small rooms where me myself as spectator too use to see my beloved indie artistist and bands, but it was like... being Bono playing at Zoo in Dublin 1993, I suppose. Or something like that. Great guys at the serivce, expensive tecs and equipements (also DJs did tested EACH of the eight amps coming down from the disco ceiling, clearing the sounds with a wash of white noise and testing their frequencies limits seeing at which point glasses could break), a reserved table with dozen of bottles of beer served by waiters with compliments by the landlord, people having to wait for us to begin OUTSIDE the venue with this kind of insane idea of having the audience to come in with us already playing (we opened with "Girls From Ronta", a shame for very brilliant versions of "The Smiths & The Cure" and "Do Mean It's A Mess" that didn't made it to the show). In a word: we were happy, and you could have seen it in the aftershow with Tinies and their closest girls and friends dancing like fools! The only regret not having had the time to check if my guitar was in tune (it was not). Big stuff, cool youngters, we were just fish in an aquarium, still closest fans hadn't too much difficulties to see we were the same indie jerks of always :)

Rock on Tinies!

Tiny Tide | Live @ Travolta 2010 Pics

Tiny Tide | Live @ Travolta 2010: Go Ego Go (Lacrosse Cover)
Tiny Tide | Live @ Travolta 2010: Beachvolley Fields Forever
Tiny Tide | Live @ Travolta 2010: Silver Star
Tiny Tide | Live @ Travolta 2010: Needful Things
Tiny Tide | Live @ Travolta 2010: Scrambled Eggs

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