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2 January 2010


After my bad attempt to do a Showgaze-Glam song on the FOG, half wat from David Bowie's "Future Legend/Diamond Dog", psy-folk, italo disco and the craziest Beck, I needed to go back to something quite and easy not to scare the listeners. That's how I came to resume another very old song I wrote when I was twentysomething basically correcting some bits on the first part, adding some lines in the second, and making a little bit masterblaster instead of obladibladà.

I came to Apples Quarters, but they were closed, so I had to steal every Beatles item in there an put it in the same song. Hope you don't mind! Lyrics are not so meaninful. They were written down just to fit some nice sounds with words. Here they are, anyway.

"These are the things that make you feel good
Thes are the songs that make you strong
This is the moment you were waiting
To forget anyhing gone wrong

Pick up the pictures from a dirt floor
Take all the flowers she has thrown
make'em all pieces and confetti
and forget anything gone wrong

'Cause now she's gone
and I'm allright
Now she's gone
And I feel fine
Whene the dawn
lights the line
you can sail
and say good ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bye

See all these bands tha meant to save us
Are they all dying in and ou
Bring on some friends and all their records
and play the music all night long"

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