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6 April 2010

The Rainy Room

It has passed really a lot of time since I've written a new song. Since we're still buisy recodring our first ablum "Febrero" (I'm actually buisy with the recording and pre-editing of "Tiny Train" and "A Song For EMI") and a scottish dog with a hat has suddently appeared showing us the way though the world of small indie music business, fan knocked at the door asking for new songs (you don't believe it, uh?) while friends simply wondered if we're still alive! Oyesswaresir!

So now: while I still recorded an complete second album ("TenneT"), caressing the idea to collect come covers gathering them in new work, and conspiring undercover writing stuff for an imaginary fictional band, I also felt the urge to start of writing new original stuff for Tiny Tide.

I came out with a song called "Manga Nurse", where I had the chance to play for the first time with James, my new Stagg Bass. And that's the next question that came in my mind: which was the place for this song? What if another Tiny song would appear? I needed a hub, a place to gather this new stuff. After a talk with my dear friend Marie I decided to put the songs... in a room! All the leaks collected inside four walls, dropped from a room to another. That's how "The Rainy Room" was born. Feel free to come and visit from time to time to check its new songs.

Here's the first one

"Blue eyes, yellow hair
she ain't no natural blond like all the other girls
Tight jeans, bunny hopes
She spins on and on from the edge of the World
Bye bye, so long dispair
Will she treat me fine with lot of love and care

She's my pretty little silly star get ready to get rocked in space
Will she ever come and meet me she's got everything that it takes

Manga Nurse

She walks, here she comes
moves are one-o-one like stop motion shots
Get smile number 3
Got emoticons to show how she feels
Can't see she's not real
Because love is blind and can't lead you here
That's tough to understand
reading right to left to get cause/effect

She speaks in Japanese
She ain't so hard to please
She's into Magazines
with paper hearts on sleeves
She turns me on and on
She burns my credit calls
She's into limousines
She never love for real"


WildHeart said...

Interesting! The playing is tighter than usual, and while the levels are so high to be well in the distortion area, the arrangement is still clean and the sound of the bass is good. Plus everything seems to be dead on time. I like the synth riff!
Where do the drum loops come from?

20nd said...

Thanks a lot Wildy! Many people was amazed that I played everything by myself in this track. I guess a real bass made the difference, but this winter Anthony Rochester gave me some good advices on adjusting levels and effects. This, along Alessandro and Fabio from LMALL telling me each time how to record each instrument properly and me trying to keep any part as simple as possible made the difference.

When I recorded with Mic some part of the drums for "Febrero" in the studio I got aware always to put songs +10 bpm than usual when it comes down to happy songs.

Everything I know on levels it comes from you and my guitar teacher.

I'm happy about "James The Bass". It was yet another lucky shop! Since I don't ever trust my ears I felt so relieved on other founding it good as well! So hurray for James :)

Guitars are not so perfect when it comes down to timing. I guess that flanger, delay and distortion helps not to notice it :)

The drum loops? They come from Imogen Heap suitcase :)