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20 September 2010


Once upon a time in America, a friend of mine named Jo Sharkey, asked me to work on a glorious cover album mixing popular and indie songs. Time passed... and here it is! I named the album "Diskovery" thinking it would have been a baby companion to our first KinGem Records release called "Moontalking".

So... here it is! Most of the songs were just improvised for fun, while others are really experimental. Here's the playlist:

  1. Real Love (John Lennon)
  2. Song 2 (Blur)
  3. Girlfriend (Bellanova)
  4. Go Ego Go (Lacrosse)
  5. Jonie, don't u worrie (Apples in Stereo)
  6. Night Fever (Bee Gees)
  7. Fantasy (Mariah Carrey)
  8. No Cars Go (Arcade Fire)
  9. Norwegian Wood (The Beatles)
  10. Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
  11. Rain Rain Rain (Roxie Music)
  12. Walk Away Renee w/Fabio Benni (Left Banke)
You can download the album here

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