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13 October 2010

The Drums, The Drums, The Drums

Yesterday I went with Mike Leffe to the studio to record the drums for our next tiny little Xmas song and two tracks for TenneT, the second not awaited album from the band that will actually be the third.

It was really fun, and we also took our time to take come pics & clips (as you can probably see).

"It's really intense, I think", said Mike Leffe on the drums recording for Left alone for Christmass Time. It was quite rocky indeed, also if probably we weren't so close to the click in many parts. I really love how we worked on the construction of that song. It's not that genius, wanting to be a silly simple Xmas tune based on a real Mike Leffe experience, but it has a lot of clever variations.

All my heart went to the recording of "FIX", "TenneT" opening. This song is probably my Life on Mars. I carried on the melody since I was 16 y.o., added another part I wrote when I was 24, and worked on the lyrics a year ago based on some childhood memories. I was really happy to work on that song with Mike Leffe, because a lot of other interesting stuff came out on the arrangement, pushing the song in a very prog-pop direction slightly becoming a cross between Genesis and Beatles.

Let's see what will become of these tracks in the future :)

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