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27 October 2010

Halloween Reunite

Here's Tiny Tide first attempt to write and record an indie pop Halloween song in... two days! It's really late, and I shouldn't even be here in front of the computer, but... who cares? He's the same since days and days. Or should I say... nights! :)

I couldn't miss this chance to do the Halloween song! The invite came from Kaypea Elizabeth Porsch. Having to contribute to their UK based radio show Protozoa and their Halloween Special for Insanity Radio was a funny and unmissable chance :)

So Saturday I gave up on the idea of going to see One Dimensional Man playing live to write this song called "Halloween Reunite", that I played and screamed out of tune right the day after.

A friend of mine decided that it's Gorillaz meeting Imogen Heap... but I don't really know if I can trust him, especially on the second part of that. The song was inspired by the incoming Halloween Dresden Dolls reunion. I thought:"What's that fuzz about Dresden and not Halloween the band?". And so I started wondering about all these monsters starting gathering for this special night from all over the most obscure creepy places usually hidden from human eyes.

Here's the song:

Halloween Reunite by tinytide

And here's the link to the Protozoa show audio clip:
link on which you click and you get to listen to that :)

Oh! Here's the lyrics of the song in case you wanna suddenly shout in a totally random circumstance:

Halloween Reunite
"Trick or treat
let's drop the cheat
your costume indiscreet
Dreadful doll
don't look at me

it's making me uncomfortable
It's giving me the thrills
cause you're about to carve
a wider smile from me
the twinkle in your eye

a haunted place to hide

the string behind the door

still ready for a trap

Joke or coke
the story goes
it's frighting me no more

I'm a killer for your love

because you're so adorable girl
you know you're such a Goth

And Frank don't stand a chance
this evil magic night
Will hide us from their sight

it's entertainment time
the moon is my delight
it's calling your arise

Almost died

sweet vampire

i can't wait

for Halloween reunite
the ghosts will dance aside

with skeletons and bats

and demons out of luck
it's Halloween reunite

the black cats are all back
they're coming into town
they run for miles and miles

it's Halloween

Trash, rewrite

Show your invite
Stay or hide

just turn around a while

For I can't tell myself
I can't tell myself

Bliss or mess

we're still the best
with forks between our teeth

it's so hard to understand

we're mumbling unbelievable lies

we're hanging up your mind

don't be afraid to try

to roll with all these nuts
we're serving razor blades
to sing your name with blood
the witch will trick you blind
and hold you in her straps.

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