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29 November 2010

Christmastime 2010

Hi there. This is our 2010 contribution to the fuckload of Christmas songs waving 'cross the cyberspace this time of the year. The song is called "Left Alone For Chirstmastime". I was asked to do this song by Mike Leffe... right a year ago! It was Christmas 2009 when I wrote "XMARS TIME" - an insane song about Father Christmas and Wayne Coyne celebrating Christmas on Mars - and Mike asked me to write about his sad and mysterious story about him being secuced for Christmas eve by this unknown woman and being left the day after. A year passed (possibly to quickly)... and unfortunately our drummer hasn't forgot my promise!

So here you have this strange indie song, with Mike Leffe on drums, Manuel on Bass and me on keyboards and guitars. You'll find "Left Alone For Christmastime" on a festive compilation by KinGem Records, along with Pasley and Charlie, Stars in Coma, The Clever Square, The Brigadier, Cherry Berry and A Nice Person. Here's the lyrics as well :)


"Do I have to wait and cry
Till I'll find her by my side
I'll be good and I won't spy
Won't you give me one more try

Left alone
Left alone
left alone for xmas time
I was told
not to stalk
but I couldn't change my mind
Left alone
all alone
no sweets in the tree
Couldn't wait ubtill midnight
so I had to say goodbye

Met the girl outside the door
it was cold and she was hot
melting snow around
Satin bow and leather belt
Dressed in red and all the rest
too good to be true

(I said) I can't say that I've been bad
but I can't tell if I'll behave
step inside and celebrate

I've been said it can't be bad
But we could turn this place to hell
with no need of magic spell

And we had music
sweet music
we did jingled all the bells
making xmas eve a time to celebrate
guess I was wrong

Never met the girl again
Hunting traces anywhere
any crib and church
She was gone and disappeared
was she true or just a dream
guess I'll never found

I keep writing every year
Santa don't you let me"

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