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28 June 2008

My Dear Friend Brigadier

You asked me to tell you how the acoustic gig would have been like once I actually played in there, and that's my short report.

People seemed to respond well indee, and me and Manuel also got a surprising hand-clapping on "I was too troublestormed to remember which it was". I think "Tiny Trains", maybe "Ronta". I'm sure about Ronta, but maybe I had a little bit of effort from the audience in another one. Can't tell. Well. The fact is that: I WAS SCARED! Scared because the soundcheck was really short, and my acoustic guitar cecided to play at the maximum volume even if turned at ZERO. I don't know if you noticed it, but I tend to HIT HARD my guitar, to get some rhythm out, when I don't have the support of the drums. Well. No use. Every caress was muting into a scream. That put my mind in a bad mood. But probably no-one didn't noticed it, and one could tell only from outside the stage.

From the video that I've seen "Go Ego Go" was a little to be pushed forward by excidin in the BPM, and a little bit too plane. But "Kitty Jesus" and "Tiny Trains" were great"!

I knew what my audience was going to be alike (I.N.D.I.E.) and I was really happy to put a smile on their face each time I made a little tribute to some indielike tune, getting them to sing the parts I was playing (Just only "Kitty Jesus" had Nirvana on an armonica part, "Il cielo in una stanza" for the violin, "Yoshimi battles against the Pink Robot", as "February" turned into "The Killing Moon" at the end of the song)

"Girlfriend" was great, I suppose. Can't remember well (I was in a gone-crazy-psycho mode). And talking 'bout "Psycho"... it began with Mrs. Robinson. A shame that I accelerated in a rising-the-pitch mood the time of the execution after the intro. But maybe only experts noticed it. As for me I was quite ashamed! XD

Summin' all up: Me = Not so sure of my performance. People = where ok

I REALLY MISSED some days ago the great performance we had all together while practicing our electric line-up :)

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