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8 June 2008

Tiny Tries

As some of you may know, these days I'm practicing hard in order to get ready for our next acoustic show, defining which song shoud I pic, and wondering if wouldn't be exciting having a second voice during the show. Expecially: while playing "Tiny Trains".

I know I know. It seems crazy. But to consider that I'm sort of a kind of sort of a kind of a not completely sane person, and that outside there, in the real world, there are plenty of insane marvellous persons ready to make the magic trick work. And seems like the thing could really thing. At least... I hope so!

Anyway... all this bubble bubbling just to tell you that I recorded in a hurry two acoustic versions of Tinies songs in less then an hour.

It's me, a guitar, and sometimes a second voice.


Tiny Tide - Tiny Trains (Acoustic Bootleg)
The Psychopath At The Club (Acoustiv Bootleg)

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