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29 December 2008

Do Mean It's A Mess

Oh well. That's another song I wrote in Italian. It was so good that it was the only Italian oriented song I made that made it on a real compilation (by Tafuzzi Records). Wildheart electronic version was so good that I decided to re-write the English version for a project we're secretly cooking for you (tzk tzk tzk).

The Italian song was wrtitten something like 3 years ago (I guess), and was dealing with a Flaming Lips gig, a late night confession in a cript and forbitten love meetings on parking lots.

Am I grown up? Did I get wiser? I don't know my friends... These are the new lyrics

(Words and Music by Mark Zonda)

- hem -

"When Harry met the music
attending sunday school
the little boy was atoms
in some big brain baloon
The fat man was awaiting
the right time to attack
and raise his voice with feeling
on Madame Butterfly
by executing each note
to teach the boy a lie:
if any key turns right
do mean it's a mess

She turned to her old piano
She tought she was alone
The little girl felt happy
the feeling wasn't gone
He came back to the mountain
protected by the snow
They had to pay attention
on spoiling dirty jokes
by trashing any foul note
replace a faulty hoax
in case he'll never know
do mean it's a mess

It wasn't such a big deal
for Gods of small affairs
The funeral was waiting
the epilogue is left
The lawyer man seemed so cold
proclaming she was mad
You asked a glass of water
The coart expected facts
Yet chimes were taking over
from castles in the air
they're playing with no bells
do mean it's a mess"


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