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14 December 2008

Kaerenai Futari

It was a real pleausure playing at Cafè Sinatra for Big Indie Nights. Cool and warm, like being guest on Conan O'Brien. Seeing "Sgt. Mic Starr" with his brand new mustache, in a perfect Rivers Cuomo style was a blast! A nice was also the band playing Lacrosse Cover "Go Ego Go" speedin'it up at 200% just for fun. It was also the first time we showed off with "Road to Fairies" and "Total Groupie". People seemed to have ejoyed the show, and it was so sweet metting kiddos after the gig shaking hands and rising thumbs up for the band. It will be a real pleausure bein there againg. Till next time, I'll live you with some pics and clips.

Tiny Tide - Live @ Sinatra '08 Foto

Tiny Tide - Live @ Sinatra '08 February
Tiny Tide - Live @ Sinatra '08 Silver Star
Tiny Tide - Live @ Sinatra '08 Go Ego Go
Tiny Tide - Live @ Sinatra '08 Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me
Tiny Tide - Live @ Sinatra '08 Girls From Ronta (Encore)
Tiny Tide - Live @ Sinatra '08 S♥L

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