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24 June 2009

Scrambled Eggs 2.0

Since Andrè Brorsson from "Stars In Coma" is a saint, he agreed to collaborate on the mixing and editing of "Tiny Tide" first album. Since that album - called "Febrero", will also have some collaborations in it, we started from "Scrambled Eggs", to start to work together on a track. I was really amazed. E only needed the voice track and the drums of my old demo to build everything else starting from zero... in one hour and an half!! While he played keyboards, guitars and bass, on this demo we've got Porlock and Manuel on violin.

Why we decided to share with you that song? Quite simple! Andrè's computer... crashed! We have to start back to the start, and this mp3 is quite all we've left from those recordings. So take it away, it's....

... Tiny Tide + Stars In Coma - "Scrambled Eggs 2.0"

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