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28 June 2009

When You're Wild

Cut+Pasting the article from SleepWalking Magazine...

(Picture by courtesy of Adriano Zoppolato)

That’s it. It’s me reporting on our show. Tiny Tide having a party for “The WildHeart EP” launch at Diagonal. A release party as it was meant to be in the past. Cool friends, theme music, a lot of baloons, poster on the walls, nice food for everyone, wine and beer walking on a big terrace. I didn’e even wanted to play, but a friend of mine (Robbie from AirPop Djset duo) insisted so much that Tiny Tide had a little semi-acoustic presentation of the tracks from the EP in the middle of the event. A pure uninformal showcase.

The theme of the night was “The Smiths OR The Cure? Tiny Tide”, and AirPop found some marvellous covers from both worlds that deliced the guests along with other indie-brit-and-sweden pop pearls. “Tiny Tide” live show was no more than “The WIldHeart EP” played live in an unique energic way, in a compitely revised way instead of all the electronic stuff of their latest work. The band had the misfortune to present their EP the day The King of Pop died, so they payed a little tribute to Michael playing a bit of “Man in the mirror” before starting with the new “Yuriko has come to town”, already heard on Mark Zonda debut “Feel the blank” and now brought to new life in a very Blurrish version. As a singer of the band I didn’t expect people handclapping on our encore (Girls from Ronta)… still not even being called for a second one! (The Psychopath At The Club). Not being able of being objective I’ll leave the last words to the messaged I recieved on my cellphone:

“Your new glasses are sleeping off! It’s time for lens..”

“Do Mean It’s A Mess it’s almost Style Council. Bring out Paul Weller’s voice!”

“At the end of Ronta you should tooth-tear Dendrix guitar’s strings just like Bowie used to do with Ronson…”

“… That Berlucchi bottle made you look like you just won the Grand Prix!”

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