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13 September 2009

Intifada nights

"It was promoted as a secret gig, still eventually many people were able to find the place despite all the enigmas. Halfway between Aladdin Sane, Elvis Costello and MGMT, Mark Zonda and Tiny Tide came back with a tight and not so horror rocky show on the stage of Intifada, sharing with the audience the old classics from a debut album that keeps its distances from seeing the light of its debut and the tracks of Tiny Tide last EP: “The Wildheart EP”.

The band kept spending the last month on practicing the new opening part of the show, with a brilliant instrumental introduction in a bright “Credence Clearwater Revival” style, changing in “Kitty Jesus” and “The Psychopath At The Club” with no pauses at all." ...

Last night we played @ Intifada.

Here's a report from SleepWalKing Magazine. Check it out :)

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