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1 September 2009

Tiny Tiny

"Helmed by one Mark Zonda, Tiny Tide is a pop band from the beautiful Italian city of Cesena. Their illustrious beats flow through the orchestral strings like rivers running through towns. Under their belt, Tiny Tide have released two EPs, The Ronta EP (2008) and the recently released The Wildheart EP. This EP is an electronic experience through the eyes of Wildheart, their arranger. " ...

Hi there everyone! Here's an interesting review of the "WildHeart EP" from "Stop Sleeping, yo!". Check it out :)

1 comment:

20nd said...

I would like to point out: "Though short in length, "Needful Things" is one of the stronger songs on the EP. Zonda's vocals style is most exemplified during this brief 3 minute tune." :)