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1 September 2009

Wildy Tiny

Here's Wildheart in his own words on Tiny Tide "The WildHeart EP" last review. You can found it here.

"The "WildHeart" on this review happens to be me: Tiny Tide. The one fact that needs a fix is the fact that on “Do Mean It’s A Mess”, Simona Rovida didn’t record any part, but all the background vocals are Marco’s (and it’s an amazing job!). What can I say? I am flattered by such an amazing review! Apart from "The Smiths And The Cure” that was actually played by humans, all the other songs (all the instruments, including the finger-picked guitars) were played by me on samplers and synthesizers. If they fooled somebody into believing that it was the real thing then… well… I’m happy. Marco wrote some really amazing songs. I am glad if I could help him make them shine.

My favourite? Hard to choose. “Road to Fairies” for the arrangement (modestly speaking) and “Needful Things” because it’s a superb song, one of those songs that make your jaw drop after the first two bars. The arrangement could use a bit more energy but the song is so good that it remains memorable all the same."

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