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13 June 2010

Unfuzz Days

This summer fashion is to avoid other people, especially not going seaside on the beach. At least for me! That's why I'm taking long walks on the desert city on sundays picking any detail hits my sensitivity on my iPod sunny jogging. This new demo is called "Unfuzz Days", and it's partially dealing with my little adventures. As for the melody for once in a while I decided to start avoiding trying to imagine the song in my head before writing it down and finding the chords, but experimenting with the guitar and changing the notes in some of the strings.

Matthew from Charlie Big Time told me it's a bit Sean Leannonesque. I had in mind Elliott Smith meeting Brian Wilson trying to stay in tune after getting stoned and having had a fight!

Anyway... here it is...

Tiny Tide - "Unfuzz Days"

Here's the lyrics in case you need :)

"Don't know why you had to bring me here
I'm quite scared it's a beautiful day

People all aroud, they're the same
Not ok. They just wait and stay

For a show is meant to celebrate
. Even though the guest run away
Without taking care of present days

with no future left or just a cake

there's no bride at all to call and calm

neither a trace

on unfuzz days

You don't care for Buddah and his nun
someone else will pay your alm

Trees will shake the ground like fallen crows

Not today, not for this crowd

There's no turning back from this old park

Guess no one else wilk take my crown

Without taking care or give a damn

With no money left or time to spend

There's no space at home
to call your place
it's all so lame
this unfuzz days

All your arms are set to pray
I can't even sign ok
You don't have to be afraid

I can't even kill myself

So come here and bring me home

push my little iron throne

Bare your brest and get undressed

Give this child your last caress
Free my body and my soul

Cut my head and clean your sword

There's nothing left
Sweet golden mess
neither a trace

of unfuzz days"

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