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29 June 2010

ONE Video

Some weeks ago my grandmother died. I soon became aware that since she was the last person living in her house soon I wouldn't have the chance to come back there no more. That house was very important to me. It still is. I spent all my childhood in there, and after my grandparents moved my huncle went to stay in there still the rest of his days (Gino died very young, he was a great huncle, always ready to play, talk and take care of us). After he died my partents moved back to there, and I still had other great memories on that house although I didn't go there so often anymore.

Don't know what will happen now. That house is empty at the moment. I had to shoot a video in there, to preserve and celebrate the memory. So here we are. Thanks to Matt Share for the shootings. Enjoy the show.


WildHeart said...

Sorry to hear that your grandmother died. And nice to hear you have good memories of her, of her place, of the past that can't be retraced...

20nd said...

Thanks Wildy. Those memories will last forever.