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15 July 2010

The Hot Spoto

Beside me and Porlock talking about anarchy and suicide in music like philosophers on pizzerias, these were important days for our bands. Last week we had our first meeting with a new Tiny crewmate called Franz Spoto. Double bass and BRILLIANT guitar player, not only he's ace in playing both instruments, but he REALLY like our songs, he enjoy playin... and he LOVES Brit Pop! Too good to be truth!

I was smiling my heart out when we played "BYE" for the first time like we were on your for months, and "ONE" had a whole new relevance with the deep double bass notes. In other words: with Mike Leffe new genius inventions on his attempts to be like Case (from Les Fauves) and Manuel getting better and better on bass (and now back to violin too) do expect great surprises from us! That is true unless what told my friend Robbie Pop happens to be true and it was all in my head. Time will tell. Hopefully the New York one :)

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libi said...

hahahaha:) like devil trap