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9 July 2010

We Are The Animals (We Are The Hipsters)

I was always fascinated by the useless effort of Phill Collins on 1985 Live Aid on trying to play on both sides of the World flying from Europe to America just to be in time to singing in the choir of relevant artists chosen for "We Are The World" big choir.

Having in mind to do a protest song to defend a cause (I was trying to write a tune against the killing of the animals "just for fur"), some friends of mine suggested me:"Why not trying to justify all the worst things in the World we keep on doin' just because it's fun?".

So I did! The song is a clear response to "We Are The World" kind of dysneian hypocrisy, trying also to include all the possible musical genres into less than 4 minutes just like different animals on a crazy zoo.

Thast's what you get.

We Are Animals by tinytide

"I think I'll take my learjet
and fly to the Moon
fly high fly got to be there soon
gotta run
There's nothing left on Earth to hold me back
Not just a toy, not just a girl or good
I could use

I clutch my bloody fur
'cause your heart is cold and you just couldn't wait
goin' head on your way like not knowing

We are them all
we are them all
Dead meet in the mall

We are the animals
Everyday we shit on Earth
We are the animals
Unevolved wild life forms

We are the animals
Everyday we kill our hopes
We are the animals
Savages without a cause

The planet just a grey ball
with zillion of lights
new clear sights still to feed
An educated wildlife
grew leaders of change
waiting for us
to trade aids
I think I'll start to warm
'cause the heat will rise as I will join the choir
and pretend I'm good as we'll start singing

We are them all
we are them all
Meet them in the mall

We are the animals
Everyday we pee on Earth
We are the animals
Unevolved wild life forms

Come on come on you farmville freak
Got a brand new dance called poison leak
let the river know that you're in the flow
be the illest bloke of this dying world
Gotta wake up now to the alarm clock
Hear this nature call from volcanic rocks
it's the requiem for the Sir Sebastian Bach"

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