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15 July 2010

Ventriloquists And Covers

I know I know. I should keep my head down, pull my socks up and work hard on "Febrero" pre-editing, but people around me got so enthusiastic when I suggest I could have worked on a cover of Lou Reed "Sweet Jane" that I really couldn't resist but givin'it a try!

Of course, since ever version I heard, even from Lou, seemed to be different in some unique way, I changed the lyrics trying to picture our days through the eyes of me living with this band and stuff, and here's the result:

Sweet Jane (Lou Reed Cover) by tinytide

"'was waiting for the big time
No money for a Leffe
in case you forgot it
you're playing in a band
while the World outside is freezin'
nobody seems to care
you had your little husband
I've got my heap of sand

Takes patience to be no one
can't tell you never tried
still nothing on the broadcast
you hope you're still in time
she's sharing smiles to socials
and sex to other guys
and yes another promise
pronounced just for fun

Your leather jacket replaced for white
turning shoulders to crowds
Lysergic rainbows on junks
made the femme fatal sing

I reall loved your whispers
did never need a whisp
avoiding rotten places
will keep us out of reach
the song is nearly over
your ordinary trip
by killing all the dealers
she's still my heroine"

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