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30 August 2008

MmMmMm Take#4

My aim was - as you now would have clearly understood - to come with an album dealing with February, the month. It was then quite clear that a track on a pagan celebration very close to Halloween called "Carnevale" had to be in the work.

Well. That's my fourth attempt to work on a decent demo. My work now stops here, and it will continue with the band.

The first demo of the song is a rough acoustic one for a friend of mine, very interested on hearing what shape would have had the song.

The second one is a failed attempt to give some club90-rhythm to the song, but I didn't fit timing quite well. Voice is moreover too rough and out of tune in both (it's two months since I don't practice singing, by the way)

After bugging my singing-teacher (on holiday) to see if it's possible working on this tuning (E-) or to bring it in a lowe one (A-), she told herself sure that this is the right direction to follow after some lessons and tricks.

Here's how a track grows. Check the demos just to see how a song can change before having a proper shape.

Tiny Tide - Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me (First Acosutic Jive)
Tiny Tide - Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me (Let's rumble the way through the 90s club)
Tiny Tide - Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me (The last baerely decent demo)

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