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31 August 2008

ValenTine Disco Night

I came with this first acoustic demo to have some help from a friend of mine with the lyrics (I'm not too sure if the last part is sufficiently good or if it's too naif or disturbing)

It will be the last song of Tiny Tide Debut on the Album.

The song it's a collection of varioust Valentine memories and moments I had, but it starts in a Adriatic Riviera Hotel with the death of Marco Pantani (have a wiki to check)

Here's the song:
Tiny Tide - ValenTine Disco Night (First Acoustic Demo)

... and the "temp lyrics"...

"Oh, his heart gave up
could not get high (this time)
from bathtub ground
to bound the line


of a Valentine Disco Night
I was glad
you were mine

On a Valentine Disco Night
We were hot
house on fire

She closed her mouth
to shot my mouth
to kill the brain
and let it out
She locked the door
and turn it down
to make it clear
it was black out


Oh, her hearts were tart
sugar and spice
mingled with time
to prove her right

to love him blind
was out of sight
so she left home
to catch the bus

for a Valantine... (*chours)


Here we are we took some time
but in the end it's always dark
I had to knew that you decided
to take it back right from the start
while making sex your final shot
to freeze in time my honest smile
another thing to leave behind
beyond the snow that hide your drive

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