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10 October 2008

Everyone Now Has a Smile (2008, The Story So Far)

Wouldn't have been nice to have a band?

After seeing a gig of XXXX YYYY Mark and Porlock decided that it was time to kick some asses.

The miracle came. After starting the band Tiny Tide based on a guitar/piano soft pop experience, only a week later the band was joined by the talented Manuel on Violin and bass, from the former band "The Magic Mushroom".

"We need a drum", Manuel said.
Zonda picked up the phone.

- Is there the drums teacher?
- Yes
- Do you know any of your students willing to join a band?
- Yes
- Can you pass me some names?
- No
- ...
- I will be your drummer in first place!

And then we had Tiny Mark I,with Joe Pistocchi from Fitness Pump.

It was time for settin up "February","Girls from Ronta","The Psychopath At The Club", "Kitty Jesus", "Needful Things", "Tiny Trains".

We started international collaboration with Sweden, Mexico and UK, via Lacrosse, Belanova and LeBleu, (while Fabio Benni from The Man Avec Le Lunettes joned Mark Zonda on choirs for "TPATC") and played in the main indie stages of Italy such as Lego, Retro Pop, Mattatoio, Officina 49 sharing the stage with The Clever Square, Heike Has The Giggle (with the marvellous acoustic/autistic show at Moquette) and Holmes.

"Girls from Ronta" began to be aired in many Indie Radio Shows in California, UK, Belgium and Italy, meanwhile the Mexican Radio spotted out this strange italian band doing a Belanova Cover.

On December 2007, Porlock gave up. Joe soon followed.

Many live shows were already scheduled, so we came up with a new team.

After having changed many keyboards players and a riot after a show, we were so surprised of our unbelievable performance at Mattatoio that we decided that we didn't needed a keyboard at all to have a great sound.

It was time for Tiny Tide Mark II

Mark and Manuel were joined by Mic Starr on drums and Dendrix on electric guitar.

New songs came up, meanwhile our first EP was spreaded among fan ("The Ronta EP")

It was time for "Silver Star", "Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me", "Valentine Disco Nights", "Road to Fairies", "Ginger Genie", "Total Groupie",while revisting the old glories.

We played than again many gigs with Les Fauves, Amor Fouand Santa Dog (UK) and Ladybird (FR)

After having collected the right demos to work on our first album ("Febrero"), Mark Zonda is now writing new songs for the next one ("TenneT").

Meanwhie we're having fun.

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