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31 October 2008

For the 1st time today

And here we were (not even a doubt).
It was the night of "Pop International" celebration, with Ladybird, France (I bet they're gonna go far!)

That's what and how we play it

1. A Song for EMI
2. Kitty Jesus
3. S♥L
4. Girls from Ronta

It was the time of the 1st times!

1st time Simona played live with us
1st time Dendrix took an acoustic guitar
1st time I played a Stratocaster
1st time Dendrix played "Kitty Jesus"
1st time Dendrix played "A Song For EMI"
1st time I played a glockenspiel live
1st time we played "S♥L"
1st time we had an intencional hand-clapping
1st time we had an unintentional hand-clapping

It's not such a long way to the top, expecially if Porlock leads the singer of the band like a real Opera Maestro.

Till next time... ta ta :)

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