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22 November 2008

I Would Say

As probably very fiew of view will know, not only I am working on my first album with Tinies and the new demos for the next, but I'm pushing some schwartz on a second Tiny EP too.
It will be basically a collection of works rearranged in a fine electronical version by my dear friend and "Maya Saakmoto fan" Wildheart, (Stefano Lanzavecchia) who already collaborated with Sahara Simon in the past, now buisy in comosing scores for D&D Fantasy maniacs (what a man!)

That's why I'm re-writing a couple of tracks from the past these days.
That's called "I would say".

The original song was written in magical 1996. Written in Langhirano in a lazy afternoon doin' nothing but listening to Oasis B-Sides and watching tennis, the song was basically a crazy and insane love tune for Anna Kournikova, and nowadays it has turned out to be a work on being aware on the course our life's taking and rising some doubts on which directions we've gotta take.

Here's the lyrics, anyway:


I would say
- Can you tell me it's ok? -
"Can I burn me inside your flames"
I would say
- Still I'm not sure if I may -
"Are we going straight to Hell?"

I don't know if I'm crazy
Is the whole world going insane
Can't they tell me the difference
between pleasre and the pain

I would say
"Will you take me by the hand?"
Will you bring me down in vain?
I would say
"Will you handle me with care?"
I would carry on this way

I would wait
Like a needle in the hay
For your fire to escape
I'd turn red
Just to show you I still care
If I'd hurt you by mistake

I don't know if I'm lazy
Is the whole world running mad?
Can't they tell me the difference
between hide and being chased

I would say...

1 comment:

Zonda said...

These are probably the lyrics with the most valuable collection of English grammar mistake ever made in the whole lifeline of music hystory. So I wouldn't mind an hand ;)