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20 November 2008

Falling and Laughing

This is called "Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me", and it's dedicated to our friend from Brisol.

And this is the rest of the show! It was a strange night, with me walking with a mug full of Coca-Cola and the audience so calm with some sort of japanese thatre attitude, but always steady with a warm applause eager for encores. Thank you so much Diagonal. See you next time.

Tiny Tide - Pics Pt.1 (by Sonia)
Tiny Tide - Pics Pt.2 (by Matt Share)

Tiny Tide - “Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me” Video
Tiny Tide - “A Song For EMI” Video
Tiny Tide - “S♥L” Video
Tiny Tide - “S♥L” Video (Matt Share version)
Tiny Tide - "A Song For EMI reprise" Video

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