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17 November 2008

Two New Songs :)

2 new demos, actually.

The first it's called "The Smiths and the Cure"

The song was meant as a response to “The House Of Love” track “The Beatles and The Rolling Stones”, yet suspiciously similar to the 60’s Italian hit “C’era un ragazzo che come me...” by Gianni Morandi. I tried to catch the first feeling I got when I virtually met “The Smiths” For the first time. I was a little kid eating his dinner in front of TV, and all those dark video with insects and claustrofobic imaginery were really insane to me. The middle part of the song was inspired by a news I read one saturnday morning while eating a slice of piza in a bar. They said that people from London were upset by the proposal of introducing double decked coffins in the City’s Cemetery to fill the lack of space for its dead guest. Neurons collided!

The second is "DAT". "DAT" comes from a strange period of my life. I was addicted with the BLogTV thing. I was so happy to get inside the live of some very special people, able to gave me a little smile even when I was in a really bad mood or day. It was the case of a london girl, who used to sing bits of songs while pausing a casual conversation. She was so cute! When she sange that songs my mind got free from any tought, and just few seconds of a tune she used to sing more frequently than others was able to send true happines though my heart. I had ask her about the song. Try to imagine my surprise when I found out that the original song was totally changed on her way to sing it. The real song had really nothing special to get impressed about. I had to try to catch that genious tune in someway, and so it changed for the third time.

Here it is now, the copy of the copy of a nice melody, with the hope it could bring some happiness also to you.

Tiny Tide - "The Smiths and The Cure" (Acoustic Demo)

Tiny Tide - "DAT" (Acoustic Demo)

Here's the Lyrics


"It all began with wires and flares, the virus spread
The images flew out of the sets
In every home, in every spot with worms and rats
the lepper stuck inside their brains

Not all the boys, not all the girls were drove insane
There's plenty that just didn't care
They live their lives, they love their wives, they lead them blind
A hope to neutralize the threat

The Smiths and the cure
The Smiths and the cure
The Smiths and the cure
Rings bell on smantic calls
The Smiths and the cure

And nobody wants to die
on a double-decked coffin in the dark of overcrowded London yards.
Nobody wants, they might
bow to find that penny
you drop from the eye
you won't stand to say goodbye

The line is dead do undestand that something changed
Still rumors are alive and cross the land
William, Keats and Joan of Arc are back together
They're waiting for Cleopatra to get Wilde

They pulled their socks, they made it work, it was defeated
The anemics got free from evil funks
The new romantic cult stares at Manchester strange ways
They're back from graves to dance, that's what they get...

The Smiths and the cure..."


"I just had a date and I found her
I just met the girl and I like her

Never been in town
Let's go walk for a ride
Too late for the park
There's a new place to hide
Take me to the bus
Let's go down to the stop
Have a cup of tea
Blend your sugar with me

Gotta go for a while
Hope you don't change your mind to lose your time
with a scumbag like me

I just had a date and I found her
I just met the girl and I like her

Wanna hold your hand
hope the timing is right
if your' not that girl
can you act for a while
so don't look surprise
we got stars in our eyes
Cought your milky way
Hop the coffe is fine

Gonna stay for a while
Hope you don't realy mind but take your time
Turn the walk in your life

I just had a date and I found her
I just met the girl and I like her

I got her, I got her, I got her, I got in her mind..."

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