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1 November 2008


So. I have this song. Its catchiness was totally unespected. I just wondered about that marvellous country duo with a tooth for pop music, wondering from club to club with just an acoustic guitar and their own voices, singing some kind of new country-western scenario to the wide-open dreamy audience in front of the stage. And so it came "BCK", the second song that will be included on the "TenneT" album.

Basically the song is dealing on the duo running away from the City leaving all their problems behind, embracing the new quiet joyfulness of the Country life.

Here's the song

Tiny Tide - BCK

And here's the lyrics:

Let's pretend the King is dead
that Queen is gone and life is fair
Throw the dice and make the choice
I wanna hear it from your voice


Help me Mary
Save me Lord
I'm so empty
Here's so spoiled

So let's go back
let's go back
let's go back
and take me home
back to the country

No depression, B&B
see fruit and joy is my main dish
wanna see me hide and seek
it's miles and miles to play with me


Thank you Mary
Nice twice John
Save my tickets
Hold the horse
Let's go back
Let's go back
Let's go back
Take me home
Back to the Country

Let's go back
Take me home
Back to the country!

When I was mad
good looking young man
I got so bored
I had you there
right in my bed
Yet mummy called
and told me so

don't be scared
oh don't be scared
but please come here
and take me home

Back to the country"

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