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15 February 2009

The Kitty Is Back

Today I had to record pianos for "Scrambled Eggs" with Porlock. Or maybe carry on "Total Groupie" with the "Ummagumma" (given mysterious guest nickname).

Neither the options came to happen, so I brought on the recodings for the new "Kitty Jesus". It's magic, in my opinion. The song started like some bed-in hippies practicing "Give Peace A Chance", but it ended to be a great drunk sailors choir getting along through a "Yellow Submarine" kinda anthem.

Drums ok I suppose, since "The Piper" (given mysterious guest nickname) asked me how many panoramic microphones we used to record them! Guess I'll have to thanks Imogen Heap for that :)

24-25 Tiny are on the studio to record drums for "The Smiths And The Cure", "Tiny Trains", "February" and "The Psychopath At The Club". But I guess we'll have time for a little chat before then. Ta Ta.

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