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25 February 2009

Not Always Where I Need to Be

Mic is a strange drummer. He's got a strange relationship with time. He never miss a beat while playing, but keeps on being late each time we've got to me somewhere.

Ray is the owner and sound technician of Tam Tam Studio. Not only. He's the only person I know that managed to have Mic in time at a established hour. Nevertheless I was punctual as always. But in the wrong place! It took 20 minutes like an idiot on the road since Mic realized that maybe it was time to look for my position and show me the way to the studio. HALLELUJA!

"Sentence! Sentence! Can you hear me? Sentence!"

That was Ray from the other side of the glass of one of the recording rooms.

"Sentence?". What kind of code was that? What was supposed to mean? Was it a strange tec-word related to music field I didn't know?

"Ray? What's sentence?"
"Ah. Nothing. I use to call Mic Sentence because of his habit to criticize everything..."

I planned to recod all the drums for the 8 songs I needed in 2 nights. Mic was more optimistic than I was. He had to insist but... he was right! 7 out of 8! Now we lack only "Beachvolley Fields Forever" and as for the drums we're done!

Rehearsing hard showed its results, except for me while barking the WORST performance of ever (I am quite ill right now) of "Ginger Genie" (I hadn't done my homeworks!).

Well. Time for the others to pull on the socks and work it on.

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