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5 February 2009

Who's that band?

"Febrero" the album is finally taking place. And I'm very happy about this, since I'm deeping into the composition of "TenneT" the second album.

The end of february will see the recordings for our fist "drums studio sessions". We'll try to record "The Smiths and the cure" (the last track missing for the release of Tiny second EP), "February" (guess it will be complicated), "The Psychopath At The Club" and "Tiny Trains".

End of february? Cant' wait! That's why I pushed on the pedal and I asked to some friends of mine... to start collaborating :)

Since I don't wanna spoil any surprise, I will address to them referring to Pink Floyd Abums' titles. :)

"The Piper at the gates of down" will take care of editing and mixing. Since I really love his songs, I asked The Piper to get involved on a song too. It happened the song we're woking on is "Scrambled Eggs". Well: I got impressed! He asket to start from the drums and the voice of the first demo. One hour and an half after I sent him what he needed, whithout me telling him any chord or BPM, he recorded a brand new "Scrambled Eggs 2.0" programming new drums and recoding marvellous bass and guitar lines along with a very Strawberryfildish keyboards. A GENIUS!!

MOREOVER. Another friend of mine, let's say "A Saurcerful of secrets", has listened to the song. He liked it, and he was so cool to agree doing some choirs and parts for SE2.0. SACERFUL... YOU'RE GREAT! Saucerful is the best Italian voice of our indie scene, and I will be so proud of any help I'll got from him!

MORE MOREOVER next week I should start working on "Total Groupie" with - let's say -
The Ummagumma, hoping that Atom Heart Mother will still agree being in for a duet on that song and Meddle is beginning to work on "Silver Star".

MORE MORE MOREOVER: I took Osamushi The Tiny Synth to last Tiny Tide Rehearsals. Everyone enjoyed playing with him, as we tried "the tiny new toy" (that's how Dendrix use to call him) on "Scrambled Eggs", "S♥L" and - in particoular - "Joanie don't you worrie".

So excited 'bout everything. Hope we'll be albe to show you our best. Till then, all you can catch are our best regards.

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