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8 February 2009


What a nice little gig. It's easy to say that after the storm has gone! First thing I heard once I put all the instruments down to La Vigna pavement was that oh-they-had-forgotten but there was a jazz trio playing during the same night. Is there any Monthy Python fan watching this blog? When something absurd is already happening you gotta get ready for something even creazier. Nobody's expecting the Spanish Inquisition. We were already struggling with thented ampli and things struggling to fit all the equipments of the two band in the small (quotation finger mode on) stage when this crazy bongo-guy came along with the hudge percussions I've ever got in touch with.

"I had it", I told Dendrix. And I started to plug-off Chuck, Osamushi, the microphone and all the effects. "I'll only sing with the naked voice and my acoustic guitar", as I ended to plug both into the bass-ambli of the jazz trio after their performance.

Mic seemed quite serene. "Mic, in case you didn't noticed it, we took off quite everything from the stage!". You had the point once again, Dendrix!

But - surprise surprise - everything was fine! We had a great show and people really liked the performance! A lot of friends came along to see us, and we all were very excited by the gig, as we tried to pull our best out from that night, letting all our energy and soul flew out from each song!

Mic had a little problem with his drumset, and I started to pay "Do Mean It's A mess", that the band never heard before. Guess Dendrix didn't knew if I was jocking or if I was really intentioned to carry on the song till the end. But I did, and Manuel was so genious to following me with his bass. Bravo Manuel!

They even asked for two encores! We went for "S♥L" and a "The Psychopath At The Club" reprise, while I felt happy to leave my guitar behind to run up and down the stage up to where the mic cable allowed me to go.

At the end of the show we all run to a Brit-Pop party in a nearby venue. The jazz-trio drummer came nearby to express is enthusiasm for the show.

- Your band is great! Who writes the song?
- Me...
- Unbelievable! They're great!
- Thanks
- Your band recalls me a lot another great band... the.... the...

And I was thinking: "Tell it! Tell it! David Bowie? T-Rex? Suede!?"


The Mother? Well... guest it's a lot better than Tokyo Hotel, I suppose!

Here's some pics of the night.

And here's some videos...

Tiny Tide - February
Tiny Tide - Go Ego Go (Lacrosse Cover)
Tiny Tide - Ginger Genie

(Thanks to Sonia for the shooting)

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