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20 August 2009


Here's a new one for "TenneT". It's called "FIX". It's supposed to be the album opening.
This song started with the melody. The melody started on 1993. I was involved in a sort of role game based on the Star Trek universe, some kind of "real" fictionary Star Fleet Academy. In order to conquer a fictional character I wrote this song, which original Italian lyrics were about tractor beams, distant stars and Romulan weapons.

Year passed (more than 15.... SCARY!) and I tried to blend that melody with an even previous one that I had in mind since... 1988-89 I suppose (the part in which I sing about "Avalon").

The intro was taken from one of the first demo I ever recorded once I had my first polyphonic keyboard, by an Italian brand called "Viscount" (I just 'bought a mixer from them, discovering that they're actually Italians). It was recorded over a tape a friend of mine lent me with their family secretly caught fighting over a very expensive telephone bill. The instrumental track was called "Blacksabbadesse", and was sent right back on the mutual mixtape I gave back to my friend with their family going insane voices on it. Now it has astronauts :)

So "FIX", what it's alla about?

Maybe my friend Dan is right after all. It might be as well my "Pinball Wizard", since "FIX" was the sign a friend of mine had when he played on old penny arcades. He was simply the coolest kid in the block. He knew every single game's trick as a Bible, leading him to play blind any arcade till its final stage living his notorious mysterious sign, "FIX", since nobody was albe to beat his name in the hall of winners, even the ambitious "TOP" (hey! Someone made a song about it!), "WIN" and so on...

This was in the glorious past. The "Parker Lewis" syndrome. What in present days? Life is little bit harsh than a video game, and it kicks. What's up to us? Choose between acceptance and integration or live like some kind of strange lunatic on our imaginary world.

"What you're gonna do in Avalon?"

It's up to you.

Tiny Ride - "FIX" (Demo)

Here's the lyrics

"Fix is
just a name in a machine screen
and circuits
running high scores on a dark board
any single cabinet
hold three letters hard to get
who will ever top that perfect best now

Fix will
come again another summer
brand new ace songs from the dance box
Any single that we play
is a a moment meant to stay
it's the sound of our perfect best so

What you're gonna do in Avalon?
Are you gonna play and sing alone?
What you're gonna do ina Avalon?
Are you gonna stay and get along?

Face it
You felt better with your cheat codes to
break it
saving time for second chances
while now moving with no clues
it's the hardest thing to do
Looks like how we always thought it should now

Feels like we're trapped in the wrong box
With no supplies at all, but tools
Nobody holds the instructions
to get rid of all the troubles of this clock-work hard to handle, so now..."

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