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22 August 2009

Walk Away Renee

I felt in love with "The Left Banke" the very first time I had the chance to take part at a "How Does It Feels To Be Loved" night, by one of the coolest indie clubs in London.

Randomly suggesting songs via Facebook, Fabio Benni from Le Man Avec Les Lunettes felt in love with one of their most popular hits: "Walk Away Renee".

The author of the song wrote it when it was only 16 years old, being inspired by the cute girlfriend of their bass guitar player. The song is dealing with us finding the force of saying goodbye to a happy period of our life. Which could represent the most our feeling of being sad leaving a summer of freedom, sun and fun?

"Walk Away Renee" featured a young still unknown Steven Tyler on choirs. After Macca & Costello, Bowie & Mick Jagger, Dalla & Morandi... here it is Mark and Fabio sharing with you this everlasting classic.

Tiny Tide w/ Fabio Benni - "Walk Away Renee" Virtual 7"

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